“Our trips get you closer to nature and the local community – where a sustainable lifestyle bond is made.”

Who we are

Tropic Trail is an exciting, adventures and passionate group of young people whose lifestyle is made & driven by ultimate passion for exploring nature’s uniqueness & introducing it to the fellowship around the globe.

Our tours are unique

Tropic trails tours are made with precise planning & supervision by experienced guides, which will connect you with the unexplored yet abundant ecotones of the region.

Value for money

We make sure to present the economical part of the trips transparent & promise the satisfaction of services provided to you. There’s no compromise in delivering the best.

Meet Our Team

Abid Haneef

Abid Haneef

Abid lives in Kochi with his partner Shahana in central Kerala. He started his travelling and birdwatching over a decade & has travelled extensively in India and been a part of different areas of the industry, including leisure travel, charity travel, youth travel, trekking & cycling expeditions. He also has a keen interest in mammals and photography, one of his remarkable talents is his ability to spot and identify nocturnal animals in a single glance! He has been part of many avifauna surveys in the southern part of India & has witnessed the pristine nature and abundant wildlife of the country. Abid also enjoys long walks and spending time with his son Shehzad and daughter Hadhiya.

Anoop Jacob

Anoop Jacob

Anoop has started his travelling career from a young age, he hails from a farming village in the entrance of the Western Ghats mountain range and always had a strong relationship with wilderness throughout his life. Anoop is keen on wildlife and enjoys camping and trekking & is a passionate cyclist. He speaks fluent English and is fun to travel and talk with. He also travelled vastly in India and executed different types of tours.